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LED Ceiling Lights and Fluorescent Ceiling Lights for Residential Main Lighting


The lamps commonly used in the living room have ceiling lamps and chandeliers, and different lamps have different effects. So which is better for ceiling lamps and chandeliers ? The ceiling lamp is more widely used in real life due to its small size. When choosing a Ceiling Light, the price is also a concern, so how much is the ordinary ceiling lamp ? Let's take a look at the issues related to ceiling lamps and chandeliers in the article together with Xiaobian.


First, which is good for ceiling lamps and chandeliers

Ceiling Lights and chandeliers are not good or bad, only applicable or not applicable. Usually when choosing a ceiling or chandelier, it depends on the room used and the style of decoration. If the height of the house is above 2.6 meters, it is ok to choose ceiling lamps and chandeliers; if the house is lower than 2.6 meters, it is best to use ceiling lamps, because the advantages of chandeliers are soft and good atmosphere, the disadvantage is that the space is relatively large. Will cause insufficient lighting.

In addition to the transparency and firmness of the outer decorative materials, the service life of the bulb is the key. At present, most of the market is LED lamp beads, and the quality is basically the same.


Second, how much is the ordinary ceiling lamp?

1, NVC lighting led ceiling lamp simple modern living room lighting rectangular round bedroom lighting package combination reference price: ¥669.00

2, NVC lighting led ceiling lamp simple modern Living Room Lamp atmosphere home bedroom Nordic lighting fixtures package reference price: ¥ 1749.00

3, NVC lighting led living room lamp modern minimalist bedroom ceiling lamp three-bedroom two-bedroom two-bedroom one-bedroom lighting package reference price: ¥699.00

4, NVC lighting led ceiling lamp home rectangular living room lamp simple modern atmosphere lighting set combination reference price: ¥ 1449.00

5, NVC lighting modern minimalist LED ceiling lamp rectangular remote control atmosphere living room lamp three-room two-bedroom set reference price: ¥599.00

6, Op lighting LED ceiling lamp modern minimalist rectangular living room lamp home lighting official flagship store package reference price: ¥ 988.00

7, Nordic lighting living room simple modern 2019 new atmosphere home bedroom lamp full house set headlight ceiling lamp reference price: ¥ 967.00

8, Op lighting modern minimalist led ceiling lighting package warm romantic living room lamp room bedroom lamp TC Reference Price: ¥ 1769.00

(Note: The above prices are from the network, for reference only, subject to actual purchase)


Third, how to install ordinary ceiling lamps

1. Prepare some tools, such as impact drills, electrician pliers, screwdrivers, insulating tape, a small piece of wood, ladders, etc., to facilitate the subsequent operations.

2. After unpacking, first remove the self-contained thread on the base, carefully remove the lamp, and remember to take it lightly. Then place the base in the position where the holes are drawn to facilitate the installation of the screws.

3. Drill on the ceiling according to the mounting holes of the ceiling lamp.

4. Slowly punch the gel in the position where the hole is punched to fix the screw, then put the ceiling lamp into the base and put it on. Use a screwdriver to slowly turn the angle and tighten the screws to prevent the screws from falling loose.

5, finally carefully and carefully wired to avoid loosening later. Check the circuit after replacing the lamp. If it is correct, you can try to see if the lamp will light up and cover the lamp cover.

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